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Creates a trigger at specific times of day, month, and even years.


This node is somewhat alike to the famous Linux task scheduling tool of the same name.

See the Wikipedia article on Cron for history.


  • Year - either '*' (or blank) for any year, else a list of years and/or year ranges (1970-2099)
  • Month - either '*' (or blank) for any month, else a list of months and/or month ranges (0-11)
  • Day of Month - either '*' (or blank) for any day, else a list of days and/or day ranges (0-31)
  • Day of Week - either '*' (or blank) for any day, else a list of day and/or day ranges (0 = Sunday - 6 = Saturday)
  • Hour - either '*' (or blank) for any hour, else a list of hours and/or hour ranges (0-23)
  • Minute - either '*' (or blank) for any minute, else a list of minutes and/or minute ranges (0-59)


  • Trigger (Trigger) - when the current time matches all the specified fields, this trigger will fire