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Fugio has already been used to control several art projects by artist Alex May including:

In July 2004 Alex released the first version of his PatchBox software that was designed to route real-time video, audio, and control data between software applications and across networks.

PatchBox 2.0 was a much more advanced project that had a wide range of advanced video mapping tools that were used for a range of art installations. After four years of development it was deemed too complex to be of general use and was never released.

Painting With Light took the most hands-on video mapping tools from PatchBox 2.0 and put them into an accessible tool that was released in 2012.

Timeline was another unreleased project that had over a year of development time poured into it. When nearing its first release, it became apparent that it wasn't fit for the purpose it was being created for and it was decided to cancel the release and re-write 90% of the project into a new form.

Fugio is the natural successor to PatchBox 1.0 and 2.0, and incorporates the functionality of Timeline. It is designed to be a modern, sustainable platform for developing digital art installations and performances though it has great scope for many other applications include as a tool for learning to program computers.

Fugio was officially released on 3rd June 2016, marked by the first commit of the source code to GitHub.