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In this tutorial we will learn how to get MIDI data from a hardware controller into Fugio.

You Will Need

  • A MIDI controller (preferably with sliders and/or dials on it) that is connected and configured for your computer

Set up the Controller

First we need to tell Fugio about the MIDI device that you want to use.

Open the MIDI Devices window from the Devices Menu.

Click the Add button.

Enter a name for your controller.

Select the input and output interfaces.

Select the MIDI channel.

Click the Enabled button.

Setting up the Midi Input Node

Create a new patch by choosing New from the File Menu

Create a Midi Input node by dragging and dropping it from the Nodes Window (or use one of the alternative methods),

Choose the device we just configured in the drop-down.

MIDI Listen

Click the Listen button on the MIDI Input node.

Note: For this tutorial it will be better to use a slider, dial, or other ranged control rather than buttons, notes, or endless rotary controls.

Activate one of the controls on your MIDI controller.

One or more pins will be added to the MIDI Input node.

Optional: Right-click on the pin and select Rename and name the pin after the control.


Create a Lcd Number node.

Connect the new control pin to the Lcd Number input.

Activate the MIDI control and watch the value change.


Most MIDI data is transmitted as a number between 0 and 127, which is what you are seeing in the Lcd Number display.

Many of the other nodes in Fugio work with floating point numbers between 0.0 and 1.0, so it is a common need to convert these to and from MIDI values.

Fugio has a Midi Input Helper node that will take MIDI values and convert them to floating point numbers.

Add a Midi Input Helper node.

Drag a link from the control output to the title of the Midi Input Helper.

Release the mouse button and it will add a new input and output pin.

Add another Lcd Number node and connect the new helper output to it.

Now when you activate the controller you will see the value is being converted.