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Resolume is a powerful real-time video and audio mixing tool designed for live performance that can be controlled by Fugio.

In this tutorial we will be using a MIDI controller to control Resolume's Red, Green, and Blue controls but using the HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) colour space instead of RGB.

You Will Need

  • A MIDI controller with at least three sliders, dials, or other ranged controls
  • Resolume (this tutorial works in demo mode)

Configure MIDI

We will need to set up the MIDI controller as in the Fugio Midi Input Tutorial and add the three controls that we want to use, and connect them all to a Midi Input Helper node.

Generate the colour

Add a Colour HSLA node.

Connect the three MIDI controls to the Hue, Saturation, and Lightness pins.

We can't send the colour directly to Resolume, so we need to break it apart again. Also, Resolume will be expecting the colour to be set as a RGB colour, so we need to convert it.

Add a Colour Split RGBA node.

Connect the HSLA colour to the RGBA Split.

Configure Open Sound Control

We will use OSC to send the colour to Resolume.

Enable OSC in Resolume.

Add Resolume to the OSC devices in Fugio making sure we have the ports the right way around.

Add an OSC Output node and choose Resolume.

Right-click on the OSC Output node and choose Add Input Pin.

Enter /colour/red (it needs the / at the start) and click OK.

Add two more pins, called /colour/green and /colour/blue

Connect the outputs of the RGBA Split node to the pins of the OSC Output node.

Experiment with your new HSL colour control.