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Fugio - Development Screenshot

Fugio (pronounced foo-gee-oh) is a free and open-source visual programming system designed for rapid development of digital art and other projects.

It is designed to enable anyone who wants to work creatively with technology to learn and experiment without needing to get bogged down in how ideas need to be implemented in programming.

Fugio has been designed and coded by artist Alex May who uses it for his installations.

Get Fugio

Download Binaries

Download Fugio for Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Arch, and Raspberry Pi

Source Code

The source code is available on GitHub:

Build on Linux

Getting Started Tutorial


See the Get Started With Fugio tutorial to see how to build your first patch


Video tutorials that cover various aspects of Fugio are being uploaded to YouTube:

Fugio Video Tutorials

There are also other tutorials at Category:Tutorial


Learn about Paired Pins

The appearance of Fugio can be radically changed using stylesheets.

Projects Using Fugio

See what people have been creating with Fugio:

Fugio Projects



The name Fugio is:

  • A portamento of fug (from bigfug) and I/O (for input/output)
  • Is a Latin word meaning "speed" and "hasten"

Not really related but a "Fugio Cent" was the first official cent of the United States. It was designed by Benjamin Franklin and the first authorized by Congress (1787)

Further Information

Fugio Roadmap - find out what is planned for future releases of Fugio.

Fugio History - a brief history of how Fugio came about.

Contact Details

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