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MIDI Input reads data from the specified MIDI device.

Midi Input.png

Each MIDI Input node can read data from one device, though there is nothing to stop you having more than one MIDI Input node reading from the same device in your patch. This can be useful in complex patches where having a single input node would result in links having to cover large distances.


Choose the MIDI device from the drop-down box.

Clicking Listen will add the next received MIDI data as an output pin.

Enabling MIDI Sync will cause this node to listen out for synchronisation messages from an external MIDI source.


  • MIDI (MIDI) - raw MIDI data output
  • Sync (Float) - the playhead position from received MIDI Song Position and MIDI clock
  • BPM (Float) - beats per minute tempo received from an MIDI clock

Outputs for specific MIDI controls can either be added manually, or using the Listen functionality.

Outputs can be renamed by right-clicking on the pin and selecting Rename from the pop-up menu.

Fugio doesn't modify the incoming data or convert it to another format - see the Midi Input Helper node.

Pin Names

  • control/x (Integer) - the value of MIDI control x in the range 0-127
  • note/x (Integer) - the velocity of the note x in the range 0-127 (0 = off)
  • note-on/x (Trigger) - triggered when note x is turned on
  • note-off/x (Trigger) - triggered when note x is turned on
  • note-value (Integer) - the most recent note turned on (0-127)
  • note-pressure/x (Integer) - the aftertouch pressure of note x (0-127)
  • program (Integer) - the channel program (0-127)
  • channel-pressure (Integer) - the channel pressure (0-127)
  • pitch-bend (Integer) - the channel pitch bend (0-16383)

Note Values