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Colour Timeline controls a single colour over time.

Read the Timeline overview for further information about how Fugio handles time.


Colour Timeline Editor.png

You can double click on the editor to create a keyframe at the cursor position.

You can also move keyframes using the mouse.


Colour Timeline Controls.png

You can either set the current keyframe colour using RGB and HSL colour values, and also the Alpha transparency.

  • R - Red (0-255)
  • G - Green (0-255)
  • B - Blue (0-255)
  • A - Alpha (0-255)
  • H - Hue (0.0-1.0)
  • S - Saturation (0.0-1.0)
  • L - Lightness (0.0-1.0)


The interpolation determines how colours at keyframes are mixed together over time. The cursor must be on a keyframe to set its interpolation value.

  • Linear
  • Cosine
  • Gamma (2.2)
  • Gamma Correction (2.2)
  • Hold


  • + - Add the current colour to the palette
  • - - Remove the currently selected palette colour
  • L - Load a *.ACT or *.ACO palette
  • S - Save the current palette as an *.ACT or *.ACO file


Colour Timeline supports recording of colours over time.


  • Position (Float) - set the cursor position of the timeline (in trigger mode only)
  • Colour (Colour) - input value for recording


  • Position (Float) - the current position of the timeline's cursor
  • Colour (Colour) - output colour