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  • Counter - counts the number of times the input trigger has been fired
  • Float Threshold - takes a float input and a threshold value and outputs a boolean if the float is bigger or equal to the threshold
  • Number Range Limit - limits an input number to a set range
  • Number Range Map - maps a number from an input range to an output range
  • Number Spread - spreads an input float over any number of outputs
  • Random - generate random number(s) when an input trigger is fired

Patch Helpers

  • Duplicate Pins - duplicates an input pin to all its output pins (useful for group inputs)
  • Frame Delay - delays the update on an output pin by one frame
  • Rate Control - control how often a pin updates

Input to Output

  • Index - select between multiple input pins using an index input
  • Last Updated Input - takes any number of inputs, outputs the last updated input
  • Output Range - sends the input value to the selected output
  • Switch - uses an input float to switch between any number of input pins

Number over time

  • Auto Number Range - takes a float, records its minimum and maximum values, and creates an output value between 0 and 1
  • Envelope - models an Attack Decay Sustain Release (ADSR) envelope
  • Signal - generate signal data over time including sine waves
  • Smooth - smooths the value of an input float over time


  • Get Size - get the size of input data
  • Type Size - get the size in bytes of the input data type (for example, a float = 4 bytes)

Lists and Arrays


  • Any Trigger - outputs a trigger if any input trigger is fired
  • Toggle - uses an input trigger to turn a boolean on and off
  • Trigger Array - input trigger switches between any number of output triggers
  • Trigger Boolean - takes a trigger and outputs a boolean
  • Trigger Range Number - float input between 0 and 1 fires one of any number of output triggers


  • Bool Range - turns one of a set of booleans on depending on the inputs


  • Bits To Bool - converts a number of bits to Boolean pins
  • Bool To Bits - converts a number of Boolean pins to an array of bits

Value Join and Split

  • Join Size - joins x and y float values into a 2D size
  • Split Size - takes an input Size, outputs width and height
  • Split Point - takes an input Point, outputs x and y