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Fugio can send and receive data with other software and external hardware via a standard protocol called OSC (Open Sound Control)

What you can do with OSC

OSC allows sending of many more types of data than other protocols such as MIDI, including floating point values, colours, strings, and many others.

You can use OSC to send data from one instance of Fugio to another instance running on a different computer over a local network or even over the Internet.


Overview of OSC on Wikipedia:

OSC for Artists, by James Britt:


  • OSC Decoder - decodes OSC messages from a network stream
  • OSC Encoder - encodes OSC messages to be sent to a network stream
  • OSC Bundler - combines outgoing OSC messages into 'bundles' to improve performances
  • OSC Split - breaks apart the OSC namespace
  • OSC Join - joins pins together into an OSC namespace